Travel Otaku Pilot Episode 1

For three days in January, car fans from Japan and around the world descended upon Chiba prefecture for the Tokyo Auto Salon, arguably one of the largest and most anticipated showcases for automotive enthusiasts in the world. In 2012, over 367 exhibitors and 630 cars filled the halls of Makuhari Messe, representing the best and brightest domestic and international manufacturers, products and automotive tuning shops. Highlights included Toyota's promotion of the new 86 model and its sister car, the Subaru BRZ, the eco-friendly Nismo Leaf concept and Leaf Nismo Racing Competition, Mazda's legendary 787B, as well as a host of other race-tuned and customized vehicles from Japan and all over the world... and of course the always popular "race queens." Enjoy a gallery of selected photos from TAS 2012 and check out the expanded features below as well.


Travel Otaku Pilow Episode 2

Just thirty minutes away from Haneda Airport by bus, train or taxi, Shinagawa is an excellent point of origin for any Tokyo traveller, as well as an ideal choice as a home base for exploration in and around Tokyo. A major stop on Japan Railways' Yamanote line, Shinagawa is centrally located on the southern portion of Tokyo's famous looping line, just minutes away from fashionable Harajuku and bustling Shinjuku in one direction, and equally as close to posh Ginza and techie Akihabara in the other. During the Edo period, Shinagawa was the first major town a traveler would pass through on the Tokaido highway on route to Kyoto. Today, its function as a travel hub remains, with several major hotels offering over 6,000 rooms, making the Shinagawa area one regarded by many to have the highest concentration of accommodations in all of Tokyo.


Travel Otaku Pilot Episode 3

Tokyo, the modern, bustling capital of Japan, is home to a unique blend of the past surrounded by an ever-evolving present. This great metropolis is home to a vast array of legendary landmarks, futuristic architecture and treasured shrines. Views of this amazing city are as timeless now as they were in decades past.


Travel Otaku Pilot Episode 4

Exploring Central Tokyo for the first time can be confusing. With un-named side streets and maze-like underground shopping malls, its easy to lose your orientation. Thankfully, Tokyo's JR Yamanote train line and its 29 stations act as beacons for both locals and visitors. TravelOtaku takes a trip around this famous loop line and highlights a few of the notable stops along the way.


RRM First Birthday Slideshow

To celebrate their little monkey's First Birthday, Ryan and Lauren commissioned Function Visual Media to create a unique and memorable presentation. A classic soundtrack matched to modern motion graphics. We hope Reine enjoyed her slideshow and wish her a very Happy First Birthday!


Oahu Lightning Storm

Angry skies over Hawai'i produced an amazing light and sound show over the island of O'ahu on Saturday June 4, 2011. On a whim, Function Visual Media went out to capture the breath taking show that took place in the skies over Mililani and Kailua Beach.

If you are interested in stock footage, please contact us at


RKM First Birthday Slideshow

Proud parents Patrick and Dayna wanted a slideshow to celebrate their daughter Rayna's First Birthday with a Kai Lan theme. After an initial consultation, Function pulled the pieces together and produced a memorable slideshow around the images and music chosen by the parents. Happy Birthday Rayna! We hope you enjoy the show for years to come!


Youth basketball camp a great success!

The First Annual Hoops Dream Basketball Camp was held on April 9-10, 2011 at Le Jardin Academy. Function Visual Media would like to thank Lori Young for having us there to cover the inaugural event!

The camp was run by Coach Tavares Silver and Coach Delano Thomas with full support from volunteer coaches. Over the two day camp students learned to develop their basketball skills with a focus on the fundamentals.

For more information on the camp or if you would like to purchase a DVD copy of the video, please contact us at


Japan Relief donation

Thank you to all who purchased Function's Japan Relief decal! The Limited Edition run was limited to 50pcs and all were sold shortly after they were announced.

Function Visual Media donated 100% of the sales to the Japanese Red Cross. That means we did not deduct the cost to produce the decals nor did we deduct the cost to ship the decals. Every penny that we received went straight to Japan.

It may be pocket change in comparison to the amount of money needed to help Japan recover from this crisis, but we hope that the contribution will make a difference in someone's life.



Support Japan Relief

The events that occurred March 11, 2011 off the Eastern coast of Honshu, Japan have deeply affected Function Visual Media. Our hearts go out to survivors, condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and our spirits are among those helping in recovery efforts. The resilience and composure that the people of Japan maintain are nothing short of heroic in our eyes.

As International efforts pour into Japan, we hope that you too can support the relief efforts by donating to your preferred organization(s).

Japanese Red Cross - English donation page, Bank transfer order only
American Red Cross - Online donation or text REDCROSS to 90999, $10 donation
Salvation Army - Online donation or text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888, $10 donation
World Vision - Online donation to help provide food, water and medical supplies
Save the Children - Donations help support the emergency relief team

For further information on the events unfolding in Japan, NHK World English has a live 24hr streaming broadcast on their english site.

Al Jazeera, satellite television network, has maintained a frequently updated Spotlight following the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region from the onset of this catastrophic event. Correspondents across Japan report on the latest news and its effects on the island nation.